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At Tree Services Central Coast, we highly believe in preventive maintenance to keep you safe and protect the trees you love. Thus, we always recommend our pruning services to our customers to improve the health of your trees. Using only the best tools, we prune trees to save its life and save you the cost of replacement. We get rid of overgrown parts by aggressive pruning and promote growth in other areas by pruning sparsely.

Benefits of Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is an essential practice that must be done to maintain your trees. At Tree Services Central Coast, we skillfully prune your trees to enhance the growth of new leaves and branches. We protect the tree by removing damaged or dead branches and preventing further decay. Pruning your tree also protects your property from damage and stops your trees from stretching into the power lines. By pruning your tree, your tree enjoys increased air circulation and sun exposure. Pruning also encourages fruit and flower production. We provide a boost to the shape and appearance of your tree and improve its overall health.

Process of Tree Pruning

There are several types of tree pruning but they all boost your tree’s appearance and improve its health. However, the kind of pruning the experts at Tree Services Central Coast will carry out depends on your exact tree needs. A common pruning method is simply cutting dead, damaged, or diseased limbs to improve the appearance of your tree. If your trees' canopy is too full, we cut the limbs back to their branch of origin to increase sunlight penetration. By letting us prune your trees, we can influence the way your trees would grow. If your trees are extending towards utility lines, we reduce its height by shortening its branches.

Because pruning requires expert knowledge, the best solution is to have professionals from Tree Services Central Coast come out and prune your trees. Give us a call now to get a free quote!

Tree Services Central Coast are qualified arborists and service all over Central Coast. We offer tree lopping, stump removal, and more. Call Us Now.

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