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Tree lopping is the uncalculated and at random removal or branches and foliage from a tree and this can be done in many different ways including lopping branches on the side o the tree, and also branches that make up the height of the tree (sometimes called topping). This can be useful instances where a tree is taking up way too much space or blocking too much natural sunlight, and some people just want the tree to look different and have purely aesthetic reasons for it.

Benefits Of Tree Lopping

One of the main reasons people might consider tree lopping is for safety, either to protect their homes or their families from falling branches which can be very unpredictable and dangerous. You may also need tree lopping if an area of the tree is diseased or has an infestation, and it may be the only option to save the rest of the tree. When trees become diseased or taken over by termites or other unwanted pests it can weaken the structure of the tree, kill it, or cause branches to eventually start falling. Tree lopping gives you some serious control over a tree that for whatever reason needs to be tamed and cut back, without actually removing the tree itself or any vital branches.

Tree Lopping Process

It's always good to assess the tree properly from the ground and sometimes by climbing up and inspecting any suspect branches or areas. Once you've decided what the plan is and which branches and areas you'll be lopping off then you also need to decide which order and what fashion youll be doing this. Youll need to make sure you can safely bring down each branch without any risk of damaging other areas of the tree or also nearby people or property. You also need to take care and ensure that your tree lopping doesnt remove to many leaves and green areas, as this is where the tree gets its energy from, from the sun, removing too many branches with healthy leaves will severely weaken the tree and may kill it. If you're in need of tree lopping on the Central Coast NSW definitely contact Tree Services Central Coast for a free quote, we also offer stump removal services.
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